how much does it cost to build a new house in belize?

A new house will probably cost between $45 and $150 per square foot. 

In one form or another, this question is one of the most frequent requests we receive from our visitors.  Unfortunately, it is also one of the few questions that we simply cannot answer very specifically.  Can you tell me how much it costs to take a vacation or send my kids to college?  How much should I expect to spend on a new car?

All of the above questions contain so many variables that it is impossible for anyone to answer them accurately without first asking several additional questions and gathering much more information.  Labor and material costs can vary substantially based upon the time of the year, complexity or uniqueness of the project, good or bad economic times, jobsite conditions, regional market fluctuation, the unemployment rate, covenants and restrictions, availability of supplies and workers, weather conditions, natural disasters, and several hundred other factors.  And, to make matters worse, there really isn't any uniform method of measuring square footage.  Is your builder or realtor using exterior dimensions or interior dimensions?  Have they included the garage or basement in their calculations?  What about decks or covered porches?  You should be very skeptical of anyone who claims to quote you a square footage price without discussing details with you.  They may be leaving out critical elements of the house that they do not define as “within the square footage price.” 

Unfortunately, the only way to be sure that your homebuilding budget is reasonable is to identify and price every item that will be used to build your individual home and bid all of the associated subcontracts and labor costs.  Of course, in order to do that, you will need to have plans and specifications and you will need to develop a complete and thorough estimate for your individual project.  The obvious problem here is that not many people want to buy a dozen different house plans and then spend weeks or months pricing them in order to determine which one(s) they can afford to build.  So, a more realistic approach to determining how much your new home will cost might be to simply work backwards.  Start by determining how much you can afford to spend, then be realistic about the size of the house you need, and finally, decide what and where you can afford to build.  For many people, our Design-Build Agreement solves these problems perfectly.  (For more information go to our Design-Build page.)

In the United States, the prices for new home construction vary across the country because of many of the same factors listed above.  Home prices of $45, $66, $84, $116, and $164 per square foot combine to produce an average in the United States of $95 per square foot.  Several areas in the United States have higher costs for building and others are lower.  You can research the average cost in your area and determine the different factors that effect cost (additions of extras throughout the home, etc.).  In Belize, while labor costs are lower than those typically found in the United States, materials that must be imported cost more than in the United States.  These higher prices on such imported goods affect the overall square footage costs.  At the same time, there are many locally produced, high quality, products (hardwood cabinets, furniture, etc.) that are much more affordable than a comparable item in the United States.  As a result, people building in Belize can afford to put very exotic woods into their home and still keep their construction budget reasonable.  Most people cannot spend the time to do the legwork in the field to find all of this information while they try to design their home.  For those people, our Design-Build Agreement offers the perfect solution.